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Junior System Engineer

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ICT Dirk Peeters

dp-ict main goal is to help others and give assistance.
This can go from simple to advanced support, guiding you in finding the right solutions or just a quick software tip to get you started.
We only work with class A products or services that have a good reputation.

During the years we tested a lot of softwares and services to provide you with the best information as posible.
It also does not need to cost always money to come to the right solution, there are many opensource products that do the job. Most people run on Windows or Mac OS. But you may consider using a free OS like Linux (Ubuntu, fedora,...) for your organisation or personal use.

For the gaming and modding fans, you could find me on the internet as jeng or jengske(_BE)

dp-ict, offers assistance and support for all your ICT needs.

Assistance with:
  • Purchase of ICT equipment
  • Webhosing and webdesign
  • Finding the right courses for your needs
  • For more information, contact us.